Sole - 4 The Love Of You lyrics

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(feat. Tamar)


Yeah, at one point, I thought I couldn't live without you

But now, I don't how the fuck I lived with you

But I just take that shit as a lesson learned

That what goes around, comes around

And yours is comin' muthafucka, believe that


Nightmares of love gone wrong

Got me writin' this song

Played it out, back in my mind and heart you used to belong

Rewind it back, thought it was nice when 2 became 1

Bet you never thought Sole' would turn and leave you with none

Woulda thought I gave you life, had me bent like a comma

Love turned to hate for fillin' my life with bullshit and drama

Played games, told me lies, steady pullin' these strings

And put me up in fly ass cribs and had my flossin' them things

While you was runnin' wild, had me busy shoppin' and shit

Hittin' the clubs with my girls, wasn't no stoppin' a bitch

Throwin' bills like I'm Mickey, I was spendin' it fast

Sure money nice but sure as hell don't make relationships last

Gave my all, did it all, tryin' to make sure it worked

While you ran the streets and even had me doin' your dirt

Dumb tricks and dumb skits I was pullin' for you

A dumb bitch and dumb shit I went through

For the love of you

[1: Tamar]

And you know

I didn't wanna live without you babe

Never thought I would throw your love away

Now I'm gone and you're lonely, it's a shame

But I did it for the love of you, babe

[Repeat 1]


Woulda gave my life to save yours, nigga

Push came to shove

A bullet with your name I'd change to mine

And nigga, that's love

Prayers that you'd be spared from wickedness that lived in the streets

And when them niggas you was beefin' wit start bringin' da heat

I got involved in dumb shit that didn't involve me at all

Had bitches scratchin' up my car and then you havin' the gall

To say it wasn't your fault and that you wasn't to blame

Thought you would come home after drama, have me screamin' your name

Young and dumb, I took you back pretendin' I couldn't see

You havin' babies on the side while you still fuckin' wit me

Things was never right, forever fight that's what we would do

Then I saw the light my game was tight from runnin' wit you

You had me stressed out and thinkin' that its time that I quit

So I wouldn't leave, had me believe I wasn't worth shit

It's crazy, yo it amaze me, these afairs of the heart

I look back and realize it wasn't love from the start

[Repeat 1: x4]


How things can change, one day infatuated, washin' your drawls

Another day, it's screams and fightin' dishes breakin' on walls

Walk in relationship, I'm sane thinkin' that you were too

A year later, I'm fuckin' crazy, throwin' glasses at you

And scratchin' up yo car, I take it far, I'm cuttin' yo tires

Don't understand it, why my heart is steady playin' wit fire

I turned psychotic, you got it, in this sick relationship

I'm tryin' to run you off the road, you and that broke-down bitch

I'm too fly for that shit, I'm lookin' back in disgust

The nights I cried, the times you lied all blown away with a gust

Things I did for your love, they was never returned

Gave all the jewelry to my moms and then your pictures I burned

You can't turn no little boy into no grown ass man

So change yo game and get it tight, if that's your previous plan

Boots is made for walkin', finally learned what life was about

Pulled it together, grabbed my Gucci boots and stepped the fuck out

[Repeat 1 to fade]

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