SoCalled - Everyone else must fail lyrics

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Lies are fall in place, station with material

Class it’s over and I’m sittin’ here waitin’

I’m with your friends, they know that we’re datin’

Can’t be serious, you always jokin’

Stole that man, I think that they’re smokin’

You see my friends a wak

And then you say you sorry

Say you text me, you never text me back

All the boys come here with the same old story

All you seem to do it’s chill

Me in the park, spendin’ like ________(?)

From every town down here

It’s like we know that we will set the party

Wish you were so hot tho

Wish you let me take you carry on

Ha, see what I got

I tell you it’s the boy friend material

Boy friend material

It’s not you, it’s me

To many fisher to me

Ha, you deserve better than me

Everybody find someone with every doubly

And maybe he will take carry on

I’m not a player but I still won’t marry her

And I only get harry her, I’m from smary her

And I’m fuckin’ hate her

And you know I am mad allergic

Move you, I need my space in the area

Your box begin like a toil in the serial

I’m really not boyfriend material

BF, boy friend material,

Same old room and you don’t even see me

Sittin’ here, you have lunch, you come to me

You look mad, good to me assembly

On biology class, you made the smaller presentation

I’m drivin’ crazy when I look at your ass

And fantasize about make a conversation

All I see you make is work

I work so hard, so I never get to party

But you still with that jerk

Hangin’ out and fool, said it’s chillin’ with this smarty

I guess I’m not so hot thou, license is full for your lesson on the stereo

Wish you give a shot, yo

I think I might be boyfriend material

[Bf, boy friend material

BFM, boy friend material] x 3

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