SoCalled - Dreamin’ lyrics

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In my dreams, I'm the love child of Quincy Jones and Barry Gordon

A horny robot looking for WD40, robotilicious

Setting up pickets for bigots

We're the crickets in the schisms of physics

Let's help ____(?), critics love the piano drums

Guitarry steps, layering and banging through these REMs

I like my classical electric and my technical acoustic

You ask me for the lick bomb and I pass you the glue stick

Antarctica music, suddenly see more

I live dangerous, bi-passers one two three four

D-whore, nightmary and scary

Love vs. logic like Don Cherry versus John Carry

Gettin' funky with my punky booster

Make you grow like this with Wayne and Chooster

(Verse 2)

I found myself royalty free

Conky Brewster, season III on the LCD

Fellow Steed threw a paperback romance

Fantasy, I could enact slow dancing

Sucked up by the beef of the spaceship

For travel by all means on the day shift

A quarter to a nickle, a dime to a cent

Whatever the expense, biological defense

Defenseless mechanism grab the torrent

Yeah, I earned it, my mind is in a whirlwind

Twilight period, I'm in the zone

Tap the shoes three times

There's no place like home

With bright colors, gray skies, I imit it

Printed in Middle Earth, a new world inhibited

Lay the brainwaves, I'm a beast

Wanna keep it real? Go to sleep!

(Verse 3)

With my eyes wide I see through the lies

Like a whirlpool that lies in the eye of the sea

Alarm clock, bomb watch, flying coach bench players

Always feeding birds in the street

Now I leave my speech down to a beat

I prayer the boards to control my peas

Cause of values and creeks I scrub values and ____(?)

My ____(?) sheep takes leaves, face in my cloud zone

Hold ya head, the real life happens when you go to bed

When the plane skips, quints have leaped to Egypt

For the garden of Eden, rocking shots, nigga, lethals

Passed out, you and your cheek

Sally was a freak but he was cool on the beat

Christopher Williams! Please don't wake me

If I die in my head, may the metaphor take me

To new Jack insomnia, spike pillows and piff

Catch my drift? We need baseball myths

Invisible outfits, hobbits and horses

I keep finding myself in the land of the lost


I don't wanna wake up, cuz I'm dreaming

It's all a dream

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