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Boyfriend material


______(?), playstation and a stereo

Class is over and I'm sitting here waiting

Out with your friends, we've got wayward dating

Can't be serious, you're always joking

Stole my math notes and I think I saw you smoking

Hmm, you say my friend's a whack

Hmm, and then you say you're sorry

Send a text and never text me back

Always coming with the same old story

All you seem to do is chill

_____(?) palms that you like Bacardi

From there it's all downhill

Started fighting, breaking windows at the party

Wish you weren't so hot, tho

Wish you'd let me take care of ya

See what I got fo' you

Mine barely is a boyfriend material




Boyfriend material

(Verse 2)

It's not you, it's me

Too many fish in the sea

You deserve better than me

Everybody finds someone inevitably

And maybe he'll take care of ya

I'm not a playa, but I still wouldn't marry her

And I'm only gettin' hairier

I'm smearier and I fucking hate your terrier

You know I am mat allergic

Move yo derriere, I need my space, clear the area

You box me in like a toy in the cereal

I'm really not Boyfriend material


(Verse 3)

Same old room and you don't even see me

Sitting near you at lunch, I get dreamy

My mouth get dry and my legs get trembly

You look mad, gonna be a good assembly

Huh, and we owned you, cuz

You make the smallest presentation

I get all crazy when I look at your ass

I fantasize about making conversation

All I seem to do is work

Part-time job, so I'm never at the parties

You're still with that jerk

Hanging out with fools

Instead of chilling with the smarties

I guess I'm not so hot, tho

______(?), playstation and a stereo

You should give me a shot tho

I think I might be boyfriend material


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