SNSD - How Great Is Your Love English lyrics

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In your smile that's like a spring day, the whole world gets brighter

It makes me dream again

On the day where the sun sparkles,

I hold your hand and walk in sync with your footsteps

When I sometimes walk ahead and suddenly look back

That face that looks at me is so eye-blinding

* when I hear the sound of spring coming, I walk on the path with the bloomed flowers

When the rainy summer comes, I walk as I see the rainbow

When autumn passes and winter comes, with the warmth from our hands

We walk together – how great is your love

I always waited for a love that resembles the sky to be given to me

On the day where the stars twinkle, I walk to the melody of the birds

Your seasons that go round and round, repeating like a secret

In that unchanging love, my eyes are blinded

* repeat

You became a bright light to me, who was exhausted by the world

Even if winter comes at the end of this narrow road we walk together

If you would hold my hand, to me, this rough world will be like spring days

How great is your love

How great is your love

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