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Snoop Dogg - Ghetto

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HOOK: Kokane and Nate Dogg

I was born... coming up from the ghetto

Where the OG's never let go

This is somethin I had to know

Had to be real sneaky

Watched niggas that tried to creep on me

Stay away from the ones that's sheisty

That's what my momma always told me

When ya livin on the eastside, ghetto

In the ghetto, ghetto

I never knew what my life would be, ghetto

In the ghetto, ghetto

I'll show what I'm talkin bout, ghetto

In the ghetto, ghetto

When ya comin from the eastside, ghetto

In the ghetto, ghetto

I see you takin bills


I'm ready to ride, ready to roll

Ay check this mack I bet you're boyfriend aint knowin

That I'm steadily blowin your back out

Watch me track out on these niggas and bounce out on these hoes

Get at em like "what's up trick" you know how it goes

It's Friday night, the club is about to close

And I was lookin fabulous

So I, got up to stretch 'bout to catch me one of these stragglers

True eastside dogs, and we barkin not simpin

Yo holmes 'bout that time to start this parking lot pimpin

I keep that thang, huh, posted in the same spot

Nothin but my khaki shorts, house shoes, boxers and my suede shine

I'm from the home of the riots

That's before the peace died but I'm still hollin out eastside

[Goldie Loc]

Uhh, what y'all busters gon do

When the pimps, bangers, and hustlers smash on you

It aint about who's sellin the most caine

Put us all together nigga see you run thangs

If you can't hang, stay the fuck out the kitchen

Bitch I'm ghetto fabbed out, so fuck politickin

Waitin for a chance and the shit it never happened

Time is money, and when you get it keep it clackin

All you hear is, with my two inch twist

I keep the goodyear grip, so the dubs don't slip

If you want my claims, I think you besta make a change

So close your eyes when I let my back end hang

I ride til the motherfucking wheels fall off

Domie's got daytons, Goldie's got daytons

[Tray Deee]

All burnt to the turf up in a goddamn fool

Old school motherfucker breakin jaws and rules

Choose to bang, who's to blame but myself and the set

All my peers through the years steady gettin it whet

Give me a rep, that's what I wanted most in my life

Did it all like a hawk, so I'm totin my stripes

Will I quit it, I'm comitted til the day I drop

Slangin rocks, sprayin shots, sayin fuck the cops

Locked up in the Chevy and my switches is hot

Gave em pain as I swang on the bitches I sopt

Bandanna on the antenna swangin and ridin

Eastsidin, ghetto life is invitin

[Snoop Dogg]

Me and my brother had to walk to school

I used to get him he downposed for joe cool

A couple of dickies, with some quarter sacks

Damn cuz I can't believe my kinfolk gave me that

Had a nigga lookin G'd up

With the scarf on my head, stealin sheets on my bed

I seen baloney sandwiches without no motherfuckin bread

I stole a pack of chips with the big homie Fred

Now we sippin on some kool aid

I got suspended from school for cussin out the teacher's aid

And now I'm bout to get a whoopin, but you know I'm steady woofin

On the side where they ride the most

Eastside is the beach, westside is the coast

And we ghetto like a motherfuckin hot buttered toast

In the mornin with some government cheese (government cheese)

We keep it ghetto like a nigga shootin dice on his knees

Get your money first rule number one, hello

Livin it up is livin life in the ghetto


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