Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Crazy

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"Black folks can't never have no fun!"

These streets beeeee walkin down the avenue

(Crazy!) From Hollywood to South Central!

These streets beeeee.. crazy!

Long Beach to Comptoooon!

Always up to no good! Craaaaaaaa

(Crazy!) Crazy..

Always up to no good!

Bad ass to Santa Anna, crazy


Have a look outside and take a stroll with me

California lifestyle, you wanna roll with me?

I can take you in and out and where it's gonna be

Now as crazy as it is, you know this home for me

I wouldn't never leave it, you know that's wrong of me

I'ma stay down, you see me on them corners G

At your local liquor store, gettin some optimums

And if I'm out of bounds then I gotta cock the fo'

Keep it on the low on the W-W-W-West coast

Sign some autographs and then I do get ghost

A-humph.. yeah, I love my folks

But half of y'all fools is cutthroats

On the real no.. the streets'll have you

Guide you, lead you, mislead you, it's fragile

Yeah, see you gradually grow

and when you walkin on my side I think you all need to know...

On the 110 Freeway flo', back to the block

In the seven deuce Coupe, hoppin hippin the hop

Sippin on some Henn with my nephew Infrared

Young pimp on the grind tryna line up some head

Had fun, did, done, on the West we run

Don't matter where you from, if you old or young

Seesaw we raw like ooohhh-la-la

Fuck the law we don't get caught we just do-da-da

Yeah nigga we shakin the cops

You niggaz out there just be makin it hot

But don't trip if you fakin a lot

I'll break you, shake you, and take yo' spot

without gettin banged on.. brother you're wrong

(Always up to no good!) I really love my dog, grew up together and all but he

(Always up to no good!) Hell yeah I love New York

that's why I married the broad but she

(Always up to no good!) We can't hang 'em up 'cause I'm a balla y'all and he

(Always up to no good!) Let me tell you about these streeeets

(Always up to no good!)

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