Smoke Fairies

Smoke Fairies - Dancing Light

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I am just a dancing light

That flickers and bends with time

Flashing up and shimmering

A tangle-in-your-gut feeling

Is this how it was meant to be?

You've got someone resembling me

Replaying that sad last time

Forgotten in the depths of your mind

Oh, you better mind how you go

Somehow I got back to you

I wasn't quite the one you knew

And the years had made me tough

Found nothing ever good enough

Oh, you better mind how you go

Burning low

Flaring up

Dancing well

In your sleep


I sail by

I sail by

Cutting deep

You awoke from a dream

Was I the one that you'd seen?

Familiar, but not quite right

You felt me tremble in the night

A feeling that resembled blue

Told you I was lost to you

The honey that you smelt was mine

Came to you from past time

Oh, I'm ten years ago

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