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It's a hot one right here, oh man

What ya gonna' do on this one

Let me tell ya man, ain't nothin' you can do to stop us

Nothin' ya can say, nothin' period


The truth is there ain't no stoppin' this (Nah)

Got drink, lemon, coke man wp poppin' cris

Pop yout lip, now watch me pop your chip

Cop one leg or watch we drop the whip

Now that i'm here I got my fam out of the ditch (Uh-huh)

And ya all mad at me cause my life got flipped (Yeah)

Or is it just because your fans don't switch

Only thing that you do is my finger itch

A lot of people try to say that this ain't gon' last

That's like sayin' Southstar ain't gon' blast

That's like sayin' Southstar get no ass

That's like sayin' Southstar got no cash

Makin' me laugh c'mon now let's be real

You do the math tell me who's making mills

Murder the game with 16 peep in stills

Ivy's in my arm caused i'm so ill (Yeah)


If you keep on dancing than you can help it (What can you do?)

If your head keep knodin' and you can't stop it (What can you do?)

If your player [?????????] still lovin' (What can you do?)

If you can't stop bouncin', shakin', movin' (What can you do?)


Peace to my haters and investigators (What up)

That give vex when I slide through with my gators (Uh)

You can turn the music down it won't fade us (No)

Mommies still backin' it up [??????]

Everything we touch and do gon' be major

Ya runnin' with yellow bats, lookin' like the Lakers

Pull up to the bar we be throwin' down papers (Let's Go)

???? make you stop, look, and hate us (Uh)

Money better step i'ma give'em a wedge (Uh-huh)

Havin' shorts lookin' somethin' like hole in the sex

You wanna stop our cream, stop our team (No)

I got two words for ya "Negro please"

We in for the long hall, I done told ya

Try to fuck my dough get you blue balls

Smilez the future, (Uh) so bring your troopers (Yeah)

Do somethin' for me yo suck your [????]


[Southstar] (Smilez)

Step up in the club (Man what you workin' with?)

' Bout 4 of 5 dimes ( I hope they gon' hit)

If not (like bananas) them chicks (got to split)

Cause time is money (we ain't got lots to spend)

We gon do our thang (and keep it movin')

Suckas still mad (cause your still recoupin')

When the bruise them ain't no way we losin'

(Smilez and Southstar ain't no solution)


I done made it this far ain't no turnin' back (No)

The war in the rap, I must stay in the front of the pack (Uh-huh)

No games, but these chicks make me look like a mack

Quick, out there panties right into the sack

And if ya hate then listen, i'ma give you advice

Don't go against us man you won't survive (No)

We way 2 live and we always ready to ride

You got a better chance to limit or a suicide


Yo, You workers don't get it (Uh) only heat we spittin' (Uh-huh)

Look at my house you don't see no kitchen (No)

We big money pimpin' (Uh) gambin' real spinnin' (That's right)

Got we like smokey bear when i'm in it

We got this ya dudes take a seat (Yeah)

Matter fact no no dudes go to sleep

Chicks bounce to the tune (Yeah) then bounce to the room

All in my fruit of looms (What can you do?)

[Chorus x2]

Smilez and Southstar talking over chorus

Smilez the future

Southstar ???

What ya gonna do about this huh?

We got you

Don't worry about it man we gon' hold on to this one, we got this one

All right, uh

Weep it crispy Uh, uh, uh

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