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[Intro: Orlando]

Thank you for visiting Orlando, Florida

Home of the theme parks, Arlington, and beautiful sunshine


Please gather your belongings and make your way to your desinated destination

Oh yes, and please make sure you follow directions carefully


Cause??? wrong turn you might get fucked up

Yeah O-town baby

(Thank you)


Listen close Orlando and only about Mickey (Nah)

A tourist a group of boys looking pretty

We got thugs too on the corner doing work (Uh-huh)

Look for ten dollars or sell you that dirt

From pine hills, Oakland, down to ??? (uh)

You can find freaky hoes in jeans with baby t (Right)

Fuck this summer heat, now we still killin' it

During a classic, I drive 3-whellin it

And when the sun set I be at Jimmy at BET (Uh)

Or in ??? with pro and nasty (Uh-huh)

Your phase from Biggie, up and on Q

Cats still askin' "how you got on 102?"

Come on now, you gotta respect this flow (Respect this)

Rip the underground 95 to 94 (Uh-huh)

And even when I laugh at something incredible

(Ha ha ha ha) Throw up your O's

[Chorus: Southstar]

(Orlando) Where the girls be talking with a bid of a twin

(Orlando) In the club gettin' rowdy just doin' they thang

(Orlando) Where the thugs sometimes rock gold in their mouth

(Orlando) Where it's cold up North swing down to the South

[Smilez (Southstar)]

Ya know who this is (Who) Smilez kid

The one in Caribbean fundlin' your bitch

We off in the whip (Where) fortely six

Mary ??? like a lovebug off in her shit

Don't let the sun fool you we goin' get sun (Uh-Huh)

Nigga, we been triggin, in our fist for gum

Smoke, we got the choke that'll burn out your lungs

Respect, we ain't askin' we takin' it, one

Ya know how we ball (How) killin' at ya

Cadallac hundreds coast through the magic mall (Look out)

Yeah I miss closet cuts and all prawl

Smilez ??????????????(Mira mira mira mira)

Doing it ?? send me the AK ?????

Reppin the O, tell'em pop a smoke in the face

Solo, come here like your shit don't stink (No)

Pushin' your big car in the ridin' links, Hikka

[Smilez says chorus]

Again please please follow directions carefully

God forbid you wind up in crime?????

[Southstar (Smilez)]

So don't get stuck by evans on Sliverstar

Cause cats out there be quick to steal a car

(And if you make the wrong turn on paramol

Call the cops, some niggas like "Fuck the law")

Mercy drive stop and ask for directions

It's like a death penalty lethal injection

(Yo, did I forget to menton the Babe Ruth sections

where them Ak's will have you stayin at a tenth street

Street in your hood) Shop your block You in O-town now

(Smilez and South got it on lock)

Follow all these rules (or end up in the hospital)

Front page in the sentinel

(Please don't act stupid, you know how we do it

(Only visit theme parks or foreign exchange ??)

Penisia (get up) UCF (stand up)

Both: And all the high schools sing it with us

[Southstar and Smilez says chorus x2]

Orlando, rock rock on Demeron rock rock on

Rio Grande rock rock on Ivy land rock rock on

[???] Shores rock rock on [???]ville rock rock on

Richmond heights rock rock on thirty-third rock rock on

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