SMILEZ & SOUTHSTAR - On The List (Skit)

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[Smilez:] Ooh This Club Is Live,South.I'm Feelin Us Dog.

[Man:] Yo Get To The Back Of The Line!

[Southstar:] Excuse Me Sir,Sir

[Man:] Yea What You Want

[Southstar:] We On The [?] List,Smilez And Southstar,Smilez And Southstar

[Man:] [?]Southtro[?] Yea Whatever Man

[Smilez:] Smilez And Southstar,Homeboy!

[Man:] Oh Alright,Let Me Check The List.Oh I See Your Name

[Southstar:] Okay,Let's Go,Let's Go

[Man:] But Hold Up,

[Both:] What?

[Man:] Ya Cannot Came In Here Dress Like That

[Smilez:] Yo What You Mean,Man,What Are You Talking About?

[Man:] Yo This Is What I'm Talkin About!Ya Got The Tims On,The Badanas On,The Hats

Backwards,That Shit Is Not Fly Is This Club.

[Smilez:] So You Sayin It's Not Fly,Well Yo,We'll Be Right Back,

[Man:] Ya Come Back Now,Ya Hear?

[Smilez:] [?]You Know What We Gotta Do,Right?

[Southstar:] Yea,Let's Go Do This.

(Stats Walking )

[Smilez:] Fuck[?] Man

(Gets In Car)

[Smilez:] I Got Something For[?] Dog

[Southstar:] Get The Fuck Out Of...

(Turns On Ignition)

[Smilez:] Ay Yo ?? Coming In Now!!!

(Drives Car To Club,Everyone Screams)

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