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[Intro: Female voice - speaking Spanish]

Mi amor, tu quero tanto

Y cant de gadi mis tanto dinero

Vesa me, amori, I mentua

I papi, I I I papi

I papi, I I I papi

I papi, I papi

I I I papi, I I I papi

[Southstar: talking over female]

What's up? Ok, yeah, uh huh

Once again, Mr. Smilez

Southstar, yeah, ya'll know how we do

Check it, uh, uh, uh, uh

Right now I'm 'bout to bring ya'll the funk (ok)

Windows down, let the beat bang out the trunk (let's go)

Roll it up, blow dirt, only smoke skunk [inhaling]

I'm the clean up hitter, so I ain't never gonna bunt [coughing noise]

Don't front, I'm gonna keep doin' what I want (uh huh)

Got a couple dimes, but ya'll never see me flaunt (nah)

Chicks be like South, ain't you ready for a wife?

Nah I just want to get brains, move on with life (haha)

I take girls on trips and shopping sprees

Romance 'em, before they drop to their knees (get down)

Type of cat, that don't even ice out your beat (bling)

And give you the chills, in a 100 degree heat

Drop the top down, just to feel the breeze

And take all ya'll money, why ya'll catchin' Z's [snoring noise]

I'm gonna run up in spots, reppin' as D

And have the whole world sayin', I'm the best MC (that's right)

[Chorus: Male singing]

Yo, we gotta get that dough

Then we gotta get some more

I hope your ready to rollll

And hey (hey), you know we gotta get paid

I hope you think that way

If so, it's time to rollll


Uh, uh, uh, Smilez, uh, uh, yo, yo, yo

I went from the two door Ac, to the Lexus kid

From the Lee jeans, to the coochie stiffness

From bein' bad at class, people call me stupid

Now I get so much brain, I'm a honor student

Ya'll not ready, ya'll MTV wannabes

Before 11, tryin' to get in the club for free

I see ya'll, I sent love to all a ya'll

Cause when I reppin' no fees, it's like I make head calls

I hate to ball, you know how that go, Benzo, or viente dos

That like damn is that ya'll

Of course dog, run up in the club, toss broads

Dude I'm a hazard like "I'm a ball ta"

Little do' nigga, Bud Light sippa

Rolled up on 16's, get that outta here nigga

I'm about them figgas, G5 on the whippa

Get ready to roll, and let's go nigga



Yo, what you want to do spend my cheese?

What you wanna go overseas?

Want to ride, right beside of me

In the Lex, or the Benz, or the drop Bentley (ha)

Well tell me, what you gonna do for me?

Ha, is that what you gonna do for me? (haha)

Well you better call 2 or 3

Of your freakest friends for Smilez & me


Yo, even as Smilez sittin' ok

I still run up in yo' place, and grab what's on your plate

Since the single drop niggaz like "you came and went"

Tryin' to get fat as fuck, belly over my waist

Now chicks wanna holla at Smilez, cause they know

The neck, the wrist, the ankles so po' (uh huh)

Chain went from 18 inches to 34 (wow)

Atari niggas, can't match this X Box flow


And we livin' this dream, makin' this cream

Bless my team, and makin' sure we all gonna gleam (yeah)

Pullin' up in cars and rims, never seen

And when the sun hit chrome, it'll let off beams

And when we at a red light, it'll keep on spinnin' (watch)

We ain't balled out yet, it's just the beginnin' (uh huh)

Never fallin' off man, keep on spittin' (let's go)

Dakari, show them how the beat keep hittin'

[Chorus x2]

[Talking over the chorus]

yeah, uh, ok, uh, let's go, uh, uh

street ballers, uh, T-money, uh Dakari, uh, uh

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