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[Chorus: Female voice (Dakari)]

Baby what the deal (yes sir, yes sir) [echo]

Time to keep it real

It's 12 o'clock (uh), dance floor's hot

Ready to sweat 'til the sunlight comes up (it's Smilez baby) [echo]

Baby what the deal

Time to keep it real

It's 12 o'clock (goin' out, goin' out), dance floor's hot (goin' out, goin' out)

Ready to sweat 'til the sunlight come up

[Smilez: talkin' over chorus]

Uh huh, what the deal ma?

Uh, uh, yo, yo

Catch me in the club (uh), deep in the cut (uh huh)

Polyed it up, coochie, knitted top, desert colored, Wally's is tough

Chumps mad cause chicks is lovin' me up (uh)

Mr. Smilez OGH, that's whats up (that's whats up)

Watchin' all, haters still watchin' me ball (uh)

As I hit the dance floor and seduce them all (uh huh)

Whenever they come, prejudice, not at all

I got big funds, girls "I a mi amor"

Let's go ma, you feelin' me, let's not stall

You wanna get drunk? Game like Henny and Cristal (yeah)

Get you sick, let me see you work them hips

Get you all worked up, is you ready for this?

Let's leave this place, girl you know why you came

Twice my age, but lady I'm twice as paid

We burnin' the floor up, leavin' them broads stuck

My dough chicks see, but don't touch, nigga HUH HUH

[Chorus: x2 w/ variations]

Baby what the deal (what the deal, what the deal)

Time to keep it real

It's 12 o'clock (goin' out), dance floor's hot (goin' out)

Ready to sweat 'til the sunlight come up (it's Smilez baby) [echo]


Uh, yeah, Southstar's in the spot, the party's gettin' jumpin' (uh huh)

Hit the bar now, and I'm gonna start gettin' drunk and (what, what)

Hit the dance floor, vibe and move my feet

There's some cute hunnies in here, that I'm dyin' to meet

They seen when I pulled up, and skipped this whole line

Right up to VIP, like this club is mine

Just out of Remy's straight up, that's just to unwind

Ready to party all night, until the sun shines

See everyday I'm in a new club, roll up in a new truck

Ride around on new dubs, keep on makin' new bucks

Like what, girl my game is mad rude

If your friend got a man, I'm gonna kick game to you

And I know just after one line, you leavin' with me, right?

Give you such a good time, that's only for one night

And look ma, keep on the low, please don't tell

Want my number? na, I don't want you callin' my cell

[Chorus: w/ variations]


Uh, uh, yo help me out on this one

Yo, yo, can I kick it (YES YOU CAN)

Cats now leavin' the club in the caravan

With about 12 chicks in the caravan (that's right)

So funny, you performed, now I'm leavin' with yo fans

You can catch Southstar, leavin' in a Benzo

With my name on the plate, so it's not a rental

20 inch rims, X Box, T's in the dash (nice, nice)

Best believe tonight, that I'm gettin' some ass (ass)


Yo, and I'm out before the car close out

With some dirty south chick, that can put more than 2 dicks in her mouth


And I'm out with the New York mami

Just met her tonight, damn, she already callin' me papi


And I got a rash down on her knees, you can believe

That the man with the shit is S M I L E Z

Wastin' my time ma, you know the deal

You ain't gettin' no dough, I'm just keepin' it real

[Chorus] - 4X w/ variations from Dakari

[Dakari: starts in chorus & solo until fade]

Goin' out, goin' out [repeat, until end]

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