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[Intro:] You think it's a game huh

What you thing it's a game

Smilez, Southstar ????


I know you can't believe how chicks show us love

Meant shit for the night and even with us

All I hear haters yellin' is cuss cuss

Cause every we touch we bust bust

Could it be that truck sittin' on dubs

From the way we VIP it up

Got six fetti girls for the afterclub

You know damn well that's a must

It don't [???] wrist don't shine, pop cris all the time

With a dime "IS THAT YOUR BITCH?"

Damn right you take a life into this

I got big balls, ya'll ????

Please no list, I don't need a gat

I got a song like thunder, Thundercats

Murder cats, rap like anthrax

Me and South is here nigga stand on back


Don't you like how we flip our style

Doing it for the dirty South

and all the heads in the caddy slowin' it down

Jumpin' it around got ya feelin' it now

O-town we gon' stay throwin it up

If you runnin' outta mo then we fillin' it up

Only rules that we follow not givin' a fuck

Diggin them sluts, it's only 'bout gettin' them bucks

Yeah, here now so we runnin' the state

And ya'll gon' mention us a month ???

High school, we done graduate

And the big leagues now steppin' up to the plate

Ya keep on bouncin' spillin your drinks

Keep your chains out swingin' the links

When we hit the tour we makin' everyone sing

Smilez and Southstar making ya sing


The girls go (Ahh ahh)

My thugs go (Ohh ohh)

The crowd go (Ohh ohh)

Tonight it's on



Who you know spend it quick like son

?? right now rip out his tongue

Ya use like styles when you sexin' huh

Smilez [????] trol your [????]

You know the block on lock when I pull up in the spot

Your rims get dull when I put up on my watch

Spectators like damn they need to stop

Then they see the truck "OH MY GOSH!"

When i'm in the club, we livin' it up

Thugs wanna act up then send me and ???

Chicks always wanna fuck and they givin' it up

You gotta see the way we tossin' it up

You ain't ready for war ready for dogs

Smilez get it on man with the best of ya

So bring your whole crew set, [???] and all

I make [???] tenders underdogs


Ya wanna brag when i'm better than ya

I even get your girl wetter than ya

It don't take me mugh to get in the draws

So let me know when you ready to start

Why ya frontin' ya know who we are

Got more props or ya hatin' more

What happen dog we was cool before

Sitll mad at me cause I was hittin' yours

Cause she hop in the whip hill back to top

Cruise the strip, damn it started gettin' hot

When we step on the gas man fuck the cops

Once we got to the telley she was like "Don't stop"

Yeah, that's how players do

We'll steal your chicks and slay your crew

Never lie, always speak the truth

If you still not sure we'll show and prove



Pump, pump let me see that ????

Come on now drop, drop

Baby girl don't quit, quit



Smilez get'em out of their seats

Out of their clothes, sex is all repeat

Me fallin' out nigga that's blast is me

The only way i'm Fallin' is Alicia Keys

There a lot of millions ya'll gon' stop us

Ya scared of heights, how ya gon' top us

This an ??? that's your only option

Get your glasses stupid to watchin'


So the freaks is talkin' out

Made it to the top and they wonderin' how

Stay lookin' down like we sittin' on clowds

Stay on tour while rippin' the crowds

And we keep ya singin' along

Keep all the DJ's droppin' the bombs

Team is strong money is long

So, tonight it's on

[Chorus x4]

[Outro: Southstar and (Smilez) talking]

Orlando (ATL up in here) Miami (J-ville)

Come on Tampa (North Caddalac St. Lou)

Fort Midas I see ya (South Caddalac let's go


Dirty South, let's go East Coast, let' s go

Midwesy, let's go West side, let's go

London, let's go Aisa, let's go

Islands, let's go

let's go, let's go let's go, let's go

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