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Yo this is Smilez and South-Stigga with just say no

We gon' kill y'all with this vernacular flow, for sho'

We about to blow and leave out all y'all windows

Cop the new coupe and traded all y'all old Pintos

FiFi's fabric acid, it's so simple, yeah

[Chorus: x4 with ad-libs]

We keep it gully

We keep it gully

We keep it gully

Gully, gully, gully

[Verse 1: Southstar]

I'm so grimey, I keep y'all behind me

Spit so raw I'll make y'all rewind me

Just to learn the song, just to rap along

I'm like Mills Lane, ready to get it on

I'ma prove a point, listen to the joint

Only hot shit, I don't ever disappoint

And even with that cheedar, I keep it so gutter

And even with the pressure, man I won't stutter

Yo this ain't no joke, I'll make ya speak in smoke

If ya get to close give ya a heat stroke

See it's my time, can't take the shine

And when I'm done with this they buildin' me a shrine

So in the meantime make this game mine

I got enough rhymes to last a lifetime

So I'ma keep goin' ain't no way of slowin' me down

Cause you know Southstar'll keep flowin'


[Verse 2: Smilez]

You know the flow sick, know this, Smilez focus

Drop sixteen and ya man's foldin'

Burpin' after I eat him for din-din

And look at his boys, they like I'm not with him

Yo Smilez keep it gully up in the Lex buggy

With ma rubbin' my tummy and suckin' babies from me

And girls real funny not understandin' my mack

I'm not Jordan, once I'm done with you there's no comin' back

Keep my hat tucked low anywhere I choose to go

Wanna meet my dough, first meet my fo-fo

Cause niggaz act sour when they around ya

But bullets like aliens, don't catch a close encounter

Rhymes you can bet, keep 'em fat nothin' less

Put this in ya face and you'll catch a cardiac arrest

Who cares how dope you is or who you rollin' with

You can't touch a hair on my chinny-chin chin, BITCH!


[Verse 3: Smilez & Southstar]

Hey yo we straight out the O, O-Town, just so you know

It's mister Smi-dow and it's South-Stizzo

In the Lex and the Benz, and we comin through slow

Ridin' on dubs, chicks like there they go

With a pinwheel cap and a throwback jersey

Dude need to bring his youth back cause they mercky

Girls love Smilez he a freak Kirspy

And I got the whole world beggin' me mercy

Techs so raw y'all don't want no more

We in it to win it you know that's for sure

And this is just the begginin' we got more in store

We gon' kick in the door big style on you dog

We gon' buy out the mall, cause another storm

If they do cop another one and that's our law

And my words is bionic, y'all nigga don't want it

Have you red, white, and blue make you patriotic


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