SMILEZ & SOUTHSTAR - Crash The Party

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Yo we comin' what you want and

Shake your little somethin' somethin'

Stop your frontin' roll that blunt and

Spark it up like getting nothin'

[Smilez (Southstar)]

Oh, oh (Uh, uh)

Oh, oh (Uh, uh)

Oh, oh (Uh, uh)

Just another Bow!

Just another Bow!

Just another Bow!


Go ahead andenjoy yourself, enjoy the shine

Enjoy it now in a minute this will all be mine

No runways, fuck it i'm crashin' in

Top performer catch me on ESPN

Open the gates and doors, let the games begin

Givin' it up yeah cause I spike the gin

[???] Sunday confess my sins

Wake up on Monday, ya be at it again

From now on call me the water, I got it on lock

I'm like Jackie in Rush Hour stealin' your glock

Storm through the club gettin' followed by flocks

Cats losin' their eyes like peepin' the rocks

I'm movin' it fast TV's up in the dash

Step out the whip instantly surrounded by ass

Anyone who thinks I ain't gon' last

Pop shit, and i'ma throw you right through the glass


We crash the party

We crash the party

We crash the party

Fuck everybody we crash the party

We crash the party

We crash the party

We crash the party

Fuck everybody we crash the party


First we crash the club and crash the bar

Then we crash your broad that's for sure

See I use a skyhook and storm [????]

They callin' me the eskareem lose your bar

Cruah and line now let's make it clear

I will thug it out to a black tire fair

Oh folks, like keep it down caude my music lives

I'm the reason granny [???? ???]

I drop this like a [????] make it live

Smoke all your weed sorry dog fun at salivia

Money how I think not money a liar

I grag an A&R and slap at up side of ya

This industry crashin' in at all angles

Built gon' where the bullet by try angles

We smokin' it up, coughin' it up, drinkin' it up

You know Smilez stay trashin' it up


[Hook x2]


Rip your shirts off and let me see you raise it up

Spark the L let me see ya blaze it up

Player what, i'm lampin' deep in the cut

VIP 100 girls and they all get stuck

Pull up to the club face on the side of the bus

And if they want a hype crowd play this is a must

Let me tell ya the industry ain't ready for us

We like Russian Roulete and ya out of luck


I'm quick to bust your shit

Sucka now you know this

Smilez leavin' with your shit

Gettin' back is hopeless

Crashin' it house parties the bar ????

Tracks like this maybe start a ??????

The raw kid that had got you reception

That had you bride on her knees confessin' your brides maids addressin'

Smilez what it is get your hands up

Throw your fist and wild out if you feelin' it

[Chorus x2]

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