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Let's go, let's go

Southstar (Smilez)

Uh-huh (Come on)

Haha it's alright

Ya know another one

And guess what? It's alright (For sho')

Come on bounce with us it's alright

Southstar, Mr. Smilez come on

Yeah Uh-uh


What you thought huh, we gonna quit

Hell nah stay comin' with more shit (Yeah)

Southstar spit only rawness (Uh-huh)

You say I'm not the best, but I'm flawness

Ever seen the six sittin' on Jordan's (Twenty-three's)

If not then proceed with caution

Out flawston (Uh-huh) without Boston (Uh-huh)

And all these lame dudes we 'bout to toss them (Hah)

Kick'em to the curve, say word (Word)

What? we ain't hot? that's observed

We make the play's burn (Uh) throw'em in the yurn (Uh)

Flesh to ashes just for talkin' out of turn

When they gonna learn top notch (One)

Glenn Levert only top scotch (Uh-huh)

Roll lexus only top watch

Day like little kids playing hopscotch (What)

[Chorus: Southstar (Smilez)]

You can twerk's out, you can get crunk

Anyway you want, it's alright

you can dug out, play the joint loud

Get buckwild, it's alright

We can boose up get blazed up

In the car what, it's alright (For Sho)

You don't got to if you don't want to (Smilez)

But if you want to, it's alright


Yo, you feelin' lucky then try touch me

Smilez hot turn your ice to sushi

Don't talk money come on sunny

I got whips in different colors like Telletubies

And your swil seedin' got your girl creepin'

I'm'a take her to the moon like Jackie Gleason

Any dude sayin' they open like me

It's on a cold table gettin' surgery

We doin' it again haters still pissed

Still mad over "Who Wants This"

Deal with it Smilez always real with it (Uh-huh)

HDT be clear when I spit it

How you want it? East or West Coast style

Or Dirty South slowin' it down

Or thuggin' it out bustin' a pound (Uh)

Smilez goes both ways, pick your rail (Uh)

[Smilez says Chorus]


Still wanna play? I don't think so

I got no draws, only K.O's

Only homeruns, I never miss three's

What I'm sayin' is ya can't fuck with me (Hell no)

This won't take long it's a quick 'bout

Game over c'mon scream my name out (Southstar)

Raise my arm up call me the champ

You thought you was the man now you's a loyal fan


Yo, get your dring on, get your smoke on

Pop pills till' you fall out on the floor

I know your love strong, but he doing you wrong

Let that man next door hit it to the song

Smilez official, (Uh-huh) quick to hit you (Word)

If ya'll spit bullets I spit missles

You know I stay pissy, off that 50-50

And don't deal with chicks that give lawitski (Yeah)

[Smilez and Southstar says Chorus x2]

For sho

It's alright

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