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Today is the greatest<br>Day I 've ever kown<br>Can't live for tomorrow<br>Tomorrow's much too long<br>I burn my eyes out<br>Before I get out<br><br>I wanted more<br>Than life could ever grant<br>Bored by the chore<br>Of saving face<br><br>Today is the greatest<br>Day I have ever known<br>Can't wait for tomorrow<br>I might not have that long<br>I'll tear my heart out<br>Before I get out<br><br>Pink ribbon scars<br>That never forget<br>I've tried so hard<br>To cleanse these regrets<br>My angel wings<br>Were bruised and restrained<br>My belly stings<br><br>Today is<br>Today is<br>Today is<br>The greatest day<br>That I have ever known<br><br>I want to turn you on<br>I want to turn you round<br>I want to turn you on<br>I want to turn you<br><br>Today is the greatest<br>Today is the greatest day<br>Today is the greatest day<br>That I have ever known

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