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Fool enough to almost be it<br>Cool enough to not quite see it<br>Doomed<br>Pick your pockets full of sorrow<br>And run away with me tomorrow<br>June<br><br>We'll try and ease the pain<br>But somehow we'll feel the same<br>Well, no one knows<br>Where our secrets go<br><br>I send a heart to all my dearies<br>When your life is so, so dreary<br>Dream<br>I'm rumored to the straight and narrow<br>While the harlots of my perils<br>Scream<br><br>And I fail<br>But when I can, I will<br>Try to understand<br>That when I can, I will<br><br>Mother weep the years I'm missing<br>All our time can't be given<br>Back<br>Shut my mouth and strike the demons<br>That cursed you and your reasons<br>Out of hand and out of season<br>Out of love and out of feeling<br>So bad<br><br>When I can, I will<br>Words defy the plan<br>When I can, I will<br><br>Fool enough to almost be it<br>And cool enough to not quite see it<br>And old enough to always feel this<br>Always old, I'll always feel this<br><br>No more promise no more sorrow<br>No longer will I follow<br>Can anybody hear me<br>I just want to be me<br>When I can, I will<br>Try to understand<br>That when I can, I will

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