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I know why Judas wept, motherfuckers!

The fire's burned on the summit

Shining a light on the ones I've killed

Survivors guilt on ?

I can murder the world and all the brothers here(?)

Burn this world

? all and conquer

The hell with your intelligence

Defeat you at your common sense

No-one is coming down(?), yeah!

I'll eat the skins of my brothers

And their bastard bones will make a perfect wall

Got a ? the cracks of these feelings

With every tag(?) of the beast, or maybe nothing at all

Selfishness, take granted for everything

What more can you ask for?

It doesn't matter anymore

No-one is goin' ?

Can you feel the cold?

Fortune never favors the ?

Tired of defending myself

Go complain to somebody else

Somebody else! Yeah!

The mothers and the manics are the voices in your head

The smashings in your windows told you weren't in your bed (?)

You live like ? so you'll die like ? of gods


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