Slapshock - We Are One

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Destroy (5x)<br />

<br />

How can u follow me down thorough my world that there is nothing for you<br />

U hear me and all the voies around i keep screaming repeating the sound<br />

(your sick)<br />

If you dont giong down now see your face to the ground<br />

(your sick)<br />

You keep on pushing me away and its not my rigth<br />

(your sick<br />

We think we gonna die now!<br />

Stop wasting time<br />

(your sick)<br />

And all your lies is on the wall and take control<br />

<br />

We are!<br />

The people that you hate<br />

We are!<br />

The one u cant embrace<br />

We are!<br />

The one you love to hate<br />

But we are one<br />

<br />

I see the fire in your heart and it kill me deep down inside<br />

Its gives me all the strenght to move on<br />

And you dont have to tell me what is rigth<br />

(you sick)<br />

Acting like a lunatic<br />

Have u lost your mind<br />

(your sick)<br />

Saying all the words you cant define<br />

And yo take much more<br />

(your sick)<br />

I keep on talking but you dont replay<br />

And you give it back<br />

(your sick)<br />

Never ever try to fall me back or else your<br />

Sick<br />

<br />

We are not the one responsible<br />

We are not the one

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