Slapshock - Stranded

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Out of control<br />

Can't seem to find myself today<br />

I walk alone<br />

Nowhere to go still away<br />

I talk today<br />

I can't feel nothing anymore<br />

I go away<br />

Now and I need to go<br />

<br />

Chorus:<br />

I woke up in your bed<br />

I'm stranded here with you<br />

I will stay if you may<br />

For another day or two<br />

Cause I'm stranded here with you<br />

<br />

I fade away<br />

With a mission to slowly breathe you in<br />

I walk alone<br />

This is the sound of my mistake<br />

I failed to feel<br />

The reason why we don't need to fear<br />

You want to drown<br />

I don't remember anything<br />

<br />

Repeat Chorus<br />

<br />

Bridge:<br />

I don't know where to go<br />

This place it never change<br />

It's the same<br />

I talk with you<br />

You die<br />

<br />

Repeat Chorus

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