Slapshock - Shelter

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Alone I try to find my way home<br />

In the darkest night I see your face<br />

Peace of mind is what I need<br />

My soul has lost it's memories<br />

Will you take away my pain inside, inside<br />

Chorus:<br />

Where should I be<br />

Where should I find<br />

My real shelter (4x)<br />

<br />

Where I can close my eyes and fly away<br />

I'm still so cold full of emptiness<br />

Stuck inside your loneliness<br />

I live without your name, your name, your name<br />

Repeat Chorus:<br />

My life is full of complications<br />

I think this place is my addiction<br />

My brother you're my soul my blood my pain<br />

Leave me now I'm dead so can you stay?<br />

Repeat Chorus:<br />

Yeah yeah yeah<br />

Yeah yeah

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