Slapshock - Sgt. Trigger

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Destruction of a mind incorporated lies<br />

They're ridin' like cowboys they got us bond like ties<br />

In a place where our destination's death<br />

I smell my family's blood on the devil's breath<br />

So what's up are you gonna shoot me up<br />

Shut up it won't stop till you drop you piece of crap<br />

This is how it's goin' down<br />

Yo better check yourself what goes around<br />

What's up Mr. Trigger Happy humpin' around the city<br />

You're the biggest wannabe abusing your authority<br />

Hey you wanna shoot me wanna shoot me<br />

Bang-bang-bang the bullet's comin at me<br />

Nah but you missed now you're fucked up and pissed<br />

If you wanna kill me you gotta cut my throat and my wrist<br />

You can only do this if you gotta say please<br />

Be ready next time coz your gun's no match for my rhyme<br />

Chorus:<br />

I pull the trigger in ya head (4x)<br />

Oh my God all this hate just makes me rise (4x)<br />

It's comin' back like this<br />

You hope and wish they hit ya with the fist<br />

With a freestyle joint you're stinking like a dead fish<br />

Come inside to do a murder muthafucker<br />

Sucker sucker oh yeah I'll take you higher<br />

I'll be singing superstition like I am Stevie Wonder<br />

You think you can kung-fu they'll turn around and hit you<br />

Try to run try to run you're runnin' from Fu-Manchu<br />

You what you gonna do<br />

Repeat Chorus:

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