Slapshock - Sex Freak

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Just like you I feel you too<br />

You try to put me in your cage but I feel the pain<br />

Come on<br />

Look up look up who do you see in the sky<br />

Can you see my deadly shadow looking in your eye<br />

But you lie there's a fire in your mind<br />

So you run and you cry when you get denied<br />

So hold it back down, hold it back down, bring it down<br />

Let me take control of the show that I flow<br />

I did it on the streets, you did it on the beach<br />

We did it in the car but only in the backseat<br />

Chorus:<br />

I'm a sex freak muthafucker<br />

I'm a sex freak muthafucker<br />

I'm a sex freak muthafucker<br />

Sex sex sex<br />

<br />

With me don't close your eyes<br />

I know you're stuck in your lies<br />

Don't waste my time<br />

Stereotype me when I get kinda freaky<br />

Insanity complicates with reality<br />

I wanna take you to the last ride<br />

Then survive if we dive to the next side of the story<br />

Still can't hear me come on<br />

If sex can kill so why don't you kill me<br />

So everybody can die not just for the money<br />

I'll make you scream oh yeah would you let me<br />

Repeat Chorus:<br />

What I feel inside it's not what's on your mind<br />

You try to leave me here I'm deaf and blind (4x)<br />

Repeat Chorus:<br />

Sex sex sex<br />

Get up now (3x)<br />

Sex sex sex

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