Slapshock - Point Blank

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Try to close your eyes <br />

Baby let me feel your love inside <br />

Come to me <br />

I'll make sure my arms are open wide <br />

It feels so good <br />

That I have you on my other side <br />

Seeing purple <br />

Doesn't mean I'm color blind <br />

Bring it on <br />

I'm penetrating through your bone <br />

I'll inject my desire inside your chromosome <br />

All alone, I think about you night and day <br />

The sex, the skin, yeah yeah <br />

You make me wanna stay <br />

All day don't walk away I'm inside you <br />

We'll be makin' love like the house is on fire <br />

My desire, it's so good it gets you higher <br />

Hey seniorita give love to my maria <br />

Pre-chorus: <br />

So would you come with me <br />

Would you talk to me and fly with me <br />

It's a rollercoaster ride <br />

So sit back, relax, meet me on the other side <br />

<br />

Chorus: <br />

If you want my love, if you want my name <br />

I'll be the one to feel your pain <br />

Don't you ever leave, coz I'm the one you need <br />

Baby I'm the one that will be here <br />

For you <br />

<br />

So here I am getting wasted just to see you smile <br />

Don't be afraid coz everythin' will be worthwhile <br />

No one knows I just can't breathe, I can't let go <br />

I'm not your cancer, I just want to let you know <br />

It's like Romeo and Juliet, check on the set <br />

Neverending love then try to reinvent <br />

Coz I feel the thrill for real your looks can kill <br />

Like a devil possessed by your spirit's will <br />

I'll steal your passion, your pain and your emotion <br />

Start the motion, my destination's your obsession <br />

So hold me tight everythin' is gonna be all right <br />

The light so bright oh my god <br />

Let's get down tonight <br />

<br />

Repeat Pre-chorus: <br />

Repeat Chorus: -a

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