Slapshock - Get Away

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Throw your hate to the sky<br />

We guarantee to make you smile<br />

All the things you can't deny<br />

'Cause we come, come, come correct<br />

So protect your neck<br />

'Cause you'll be comin' to reject<br />

Yo mic check<br />

An invitation to your door<br />

And check the score<br />

We deliver to you hardcore<br />

There's too much hype in this business<br />

So grab this, get pissed, don't diss<br />

Get down while you feed this<br />

Freeze, 32 degrees,<br />

Take the boundaries<br />

Yeah get ready for the last kiss<br />

'Cause it's time to<br />

Open up your window<br />

We got the vibe,<br />

We comin' to you loco<br />

Here comes the sound<br />

Explodin' to your audio<br />

Here we go,<br />

We're f***in' up the scenario<br />

You think it's pretty<br />

Like another Sex in the City<br />

You're greedy, you're witty<br />

You're acting fool like you're crazy<br />

Your territory, I don't invade<br />

Without a fist of fury<br />

Here we go<br />

Be my pain<br />

You want my sensitivity<br />

You try to get away from me<br />

You want my sensitivity<br />

You try to get away<br />

<br />

CHORUS:<br />

Way<br />

Go to get away<br />

(x3)<br />

Got to get away<br />

(x2)<br />

<br />

I swallow, I wallow<br />

The snake doesn't rattle<br />

You kick me in the face<br />

Just to start another battle<br />

It's this place that<br />

Makes me go insane<br />

You try to program me<br />

Manipulate my brain<br />

Everyone try to beat your as*<br />

Like Sugar Ray beat Duran<br />

You go no mas,<br />

No mas, you don't trust<br />

To live is a must<br />

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust<br />

Assassinator, the hate instigator<br />

You cut me with your tongue<br />

'Cause you're sharper than a razor<br />

Just a blink of an eye you can die<br />

You can scream in your dream<br />

You can cry, you can lie<br />

What you feel right inside<br />

I don't know how to live<br />

I don't know how to die<br />

What can you do if you know<br />

They were pushin' you back<br />

In this life, keep on track<br />

Got to know where you're at<br />

So come up, let me see<br />

How you people react<br />

Here we go<br />

Be my pain<br />

<br />

Repeat chorus<br />

<br />

Die alone, livin' on my own<br />

Ignore my skills but<br />

It's stickin' to your bone<br />

No limitations<br />

Step back so I can't function<br />

Be a superstar<br />

Like the Temptations<br />

<br />

Yeah I'm your enemy<br />

Save my sanity<br />

Protect yourself<br />

Be what you wanna be<br />

(x2)<br />

<br />

Repeat chorus

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