Skumdum - I Am The King lyrics

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It all began this morning When I woke up in my bed And realized I lay there with a smile All the problems I remembered Having yesterday Suddenly just seemed to be so far away I can't recall the last time I got out of bed and smiled I was satisfied, content and happy I felt so alive Chorus: Have you ever felt that everything Is going your way And that everything turns out Just as you planned Have you ever had a day When it feels like you're invincible When you're not just a Scum of the land Today I'm the king Later at the cornershop A man was raving mad Because the toothpaste on sale had run out The poor cute girl who for the moment Served as cashier Seemed to struggle really hard to keep herself from tears And even though I honestly Felt sorry for the girl I couldn't help but smile and think It's not my problems not my world

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