Skippa Da Flippa

Skippa Da Flippa - Who Want It lyrics

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Zulu, waddup!

Aye, waddup, nigga



(Pre-Hook: Skippa Da Flippa)

Roll a whole zipper of the thing and cook it

Been sellin' cookies since Obama's a rookie

Used to be a killa, but it's "still don't push me"

Sellin' brick to the same nigga that booked me

Chop the curve with a choppa that made in China

My money like the Eiffel, nigga, that's on the Bible

I'm finna make a movie, nigga, Flippa's the title

Uzi go, I threw ya, make you ooze out yo vitals

(Hook: Skippa Da Flippa)

Who want it? No, you don't

Regroup and rethink and calm yo damn nerves

Grab your crane and come press right on the curve

96 boots, I got shooters like Kurt

Who want it? No, you don't

Physically, mentally, I think you treed up

You do lil bitch, she just don't get attended

40 cal, 50 cal, I do not miss it

(Verse: Skippa Da Flippa)

Pierce the grrr pump that got friction

Don't believe these bitches, most of this fiction

I pin my own ride, I didn't even existed

I drive it, I own it, there's no need to ring it

Swim out the summer when I chirp that gas

I jump in the Chevy then smash on the gas

My niggas, they hit you, they juggin' on mass

Travel, can't carry a four in the flash

The judge did say that, I'm a menace

I smoke that slick and get offended

Look all these racks I done spended

I'm the owner, you're the tenant

I toss couple hunnid a minute

In yo bitch, smurf like a Dennis

She suck me so good, I can't end it

And I get real nasty when I hit it



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