Skippa Da Flippa

Skippa Da Flippa - Intro lyrics

rate me

Greatness in the building

I got my young nigga with me

You might know the Skippa

You see the lable

You see the empire

Did too much money nigga

Y’all niggas ready?

I’m having nigga if you having nigga

Bitch I must have it, sea, sea with the field lies,

All of my choppers get me high

Your bitch she was digging my daft

She front on my tap and she know

She knew I was having

She let it so wazy since I was getting the cash

I was craving

And I was kept it while you was on letting

Fresh to my _______(?) or think that I’m brash thing

So bitch I’ve been heavy, counting money in the spiral while I’m gassing

Thinking out and let this go while I’m traffic

Hop in all rated and got more trash here

She did all in intro

And I’ll be having this type of shit since you play the tendon

Dimmest this likes a disco

In a few old chopper then you have a mitral

For less and get pounds and bags to the robbing fool

You were thinking on pick clouds

He fallow me home, I pick on my window

Then I offer like jingo

Then I change the location

Migo don’t fame, you will see you will falling the foundation

OG told me how pay sits

All I see its green, no matrix

You haters, no haters

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