Skippa Da Flippa

Skippa Da Flippa - Due2DaFact lyrics

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Due2DaFact that I’m dabbin'

Due2DaFact that I’m havin'

Due2DaFact that I’m on it

Due2DaFact yo bitch horny


Due2da, due2DaFact

Due2da, due2da, due2DaFact

Due2Da huh? Due2DaFact

Due2DaFact I’m wit Flippa

Due2DaFact I won’t kiss her

Due2DaFact I got pistols

Due2DaFact it’s yo issue

Due2DaFact, due to the fact, due to the fact

Due2Da, de2DaFact

Due2Da, due2DaFact

(Verse: Quavo)

Due2DaFact that I’m dabbin'

Young niggas callin' me Quavo Mick Jagger

Versace my jacket but I let 'em have it

Due2DaFact that I’m trendin' the fashion

Due2DaFact that I’m SRT cruisin'

Due2DaFact the choppa came wit choppa

Due2DaFact the pack comin' in back to back

Due2DaFact where ya trapping at

Taking the pots, I am dunkin' the bowl

I turn the kitchen to a Shaq attack

I mastered the pot but the bowl is a mission

I turn the kitchen to a finger fuck

Due2DaFact that I’m lyrical

In luv wit the bowl but no cereal

Remember watchin' movie ATL

My gwop in the back of the stereo


(Verse 2: Skippa)

Due2DaFact, that all of my pistols come packed

Due2DaFact that my posy is right

I just copped the Audi it came out wit flex

Due2DaFact, Due2DaFact, now let’s be exact

Ya know Flippa got the best aim

I deserve a shooter’s trophy or plaque

Due2DaFact yo bitch give me brain

Nuttin', she told me relax

Due2DaFact that she like the Maybach

I put the arch in her back

Due2DaFact that I fly out to Cali

To bring back the pints of the Act (Activis?)

Attackin' yo spinach, attack

Ya have a slow death, I call it anthrax


(Verse 3: Longway)

Due2DaFact that I’m havin', trappin'

Cappin', I bought me a cabin

Scrap wit the wagon, Longway be trappin' & dabbin'

Smokin' OG in a coupe, dumpin' ashes

Longway can’t fuck up his fabrics

Due2DaFact brought the key to the Aston

Lil bitty bitch jump in, I ain’t askin'

I told her she gorgeous, flippin' wit Skippa da Flippa

Due2DaFact that I’m Longway The Trip

I slap her lil booty then skeet on her nipple

Due2DaFact that we makin' a movie

Ballenciaga steppa, yeah I’m groovy

Due2DaFact that I’m Boosie

Lil bitty bitch, ya ain’t bigga than me

My Rolex watch full of loose


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