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Welcome to the morning news. In its long and deadly war with Iraq, Iran has repeatedly

sought international condemnation of Baghdad's alledged use of chemical weapons. The

Iranians have ??? the opportunity to make their case. A city in eastern Iraq, recently

occupied by Iranian forces, (?captured ??? by the siege?), according to Iran, the Iraqis

bombed the city with chemical weapons. After the defeat the Iranians said the attack

killed more than four thousand civilians. Welcome to the VX Gas Attack.

at ground zero pro independence heavier than air fumes city of chemical alleged cyanide

gas on to karbala what is the difference between israel's plight a belief in outside

influence like scalding water a side effect of their faces and lungs burn a sudden harsh

smell 2 weeks after still coughing and choking livid skin blisters burn often posters

leaflets nightly radio and television programs dead instructions in the use of such

basic devices as a damp tovel lined with charcoal to be applied to the face and mouth

when the beep beep beep gas attack warning signal sounds the dead were among porcelain

face of cloud of frozen gas poison jagged fragment jew iranian iraqi bombs sun the

first cyanide gas warning vx nerve gas

(1:41) Saddam ??? believe this. There are limits to our patience

(1:59) Never remember the hundreds of possilbe thousands of victims of one of the worst

chemical warfare attacks since world war I

(2:11) We have the technology to produce chemical weapons. We will not remain idle


We have the technology to produce chemical weapons. We will not remain idle forever.

(3:02) They can understand the governments message. In a shop in a working class

district one day last week one man demonstrated the idea of a chemical warfare protector

by putting a plastic shopping bag over his head.

(3:38) ??? husband and parents ??? believed dead ??? brought to a stange land ???

understand ??? sudden sound ??? discover (long portion i can't make out)

(4:09) We're analyzing water, soil, and human tissue samples to get clearer information

about the gas attack. Meanwhile, doctors monitor bone marrow damage.

(4:40) Meanwhile back on the west bank, we are frightened, so frightened, revere the

red, green, white, black colors of the flag tied to the mosque in the ??? we have cause

to be enraptured turns irrational thunder ??? reacts to it very stifly his body is ???

anger ??? fracture ??? red fire ??? says someone came in a car with an uzi and killed

his friend in a grave down the crossroads by the mosque. The friend of the dead man

promises he will never forget

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