Skepta - Cross My Heart

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[Preeya Kalidas - Chorus]

Strobe Lights flashing in my eyes

living for this moment and now I realise

I’ll never tell a lie lie lie

I’ll never let em in I leave em on the outside

(Boy Better know)

I promise you I promise you yeah

(The truth)

I promise you I promise you yeah


Cross my heart until the day I die

[Skepta Verse 1]

I’ve been around the World and back

screaming more money more paper

been doing it major

even Walkers aint go this much flavour

they say I’m superbad like Mclovin

now man are calling me family all of a sudden

and I’m like mum how come you never told me that I had all these cousins

this corner I’m standing in never felt claustrophobic when I came in 10 minutes ago

now my backs against the wall

it’s a good job I’m tall

so I can always see clear

even with all the smoke in the air

I know some are standing here cause of loving fame

but some of them are here out of fear


[Skepta Verse 2]

It’s time to go straight back to the top with them

they tried to stop me but I’m doing it again

and all my real friends know Ima still keep it 10 multiplied by 10

forgive me if I’ve been acting a little strange

I never knew that one song could make my whole life change

last week I boarded six planes

but I can’t complain this is the moment I’ve been waiting for

picked myself off the floor and now I get a warm welcome when I walked in the door

I’m with Boy Better Know let em all in

there’s a flip side to all things

so before you sign yourself up to the high life

make sure you read the small print

listen please

listen to me when I’m talking

the guy you’re looking at right now is the guy I was this morning

I never had a pen but I made a mark

even when I top the chart I’ll be the same guy that I was at the start

I hope to die I cross my heart


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