Sirens - Little Girl lyrics

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When I was a little girl My daddy left me Got me wonderin Would he forget me? And someone's took my money From my treasure chest Daddy's not here To go and get it back So as a little girl I learnt to fight back Cause as a little girl I was always under attack Tell me when it's over Tired of looking over my shoulder If life's like the movies Let this be the last scene We all have ups and downs This world still spins around Still spins around Lifes ups and downs... As a little girl Defenceless, dependant, alone The as a big girl I found a place I could call home Living my dreams That you'll never see So daddy How does that feel? You write me off Like yesterday Didn't have to be this way Didn't have a voice Didn't have a say So running is what you do You won't see me cry I won't fight for you (Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)

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