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(feat. Tris J)

Six, I tell a bitch respect and kiss my chest and break me up a zeny

Six hundred sixty six text messages are standing

On a locked screen of my I phone 7s

I am only affirming those we elect.

Fuck around worrying about me, what about you?

My girl just got a new girl

The world just got a new beat,

I’m out of your reach,

Guess nigga know if I’m online.

Silhouettes, said the devil,

Chapel statuette with sacrificial lamb

With a rice in his side of death, one on one just a slept

Set the gladiator tournament

Spent a thousand dollars for a glasses that the squander has.

Splashing in the kitty pool of acid

Cause walking up on ash will be the main attraction.

Yeah, its been like a Ben Laden Osama

I should Google bomb,

See if my little cousin take a rocket and kill a baby swine.

Can let get your guys beat my guys,

Cause I am not the one

Drink some Hennessey and get upset and start buying girls

Motherfucking young

Ya'll all my sons, and I am having none

Who's get off the leash and act a fool I'll let them have fun

I'll be in the kitchen like a Mississippi grandma

Six sell phones, will paid with my of my sails son.

Riding with my bad gun, smoking with my bad lungs

She don’t need me on her, but she asked me if she can get some

Walking up on me get few …her men dumb

Walking up on me get few …her men dumb

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