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Sir Michael Rocks - Pick Of The Month lyrics

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It was like January but is feeling like may

it was feeling like Puerto Rico she supposed to kick with a sort of people

she thought wasnt going hate

so I pout her on game I let her know the secrets to this shit

make sure this bitches can't kick dirt upon your name

girl 'cause it's all you get,

even if you got some nice tits and big bootie I'ma tell you just like this

baby do me one favor

I never had your flavor

turn it into 360 like the majors

big kiss me out in Vegas

have not that paper 'cause we fake girls and we keep it the jit

I ain't been on this live sis 2006 so she freaky she drip

all we got that tall kiss so don't pout shit so get pop like a zit

make it .. that zoo..and we keep it your chick


And you pick of the month

hey girl you carry them hood

when I like your spot pressure know what you good

now you ride my bright standing right where you stood

I see the right red cuts or ..

I really know what you do, you know what you good

now you can ride my blunt standing right where you stood

and you know what you good at

you know what you good at

I see them bright red cuts pouring out with the.

now if you bitch you gotta go

she catch a lot of dough

perfume working every night

Monday Tuesday Thursday night

we prefer once certain type

I stand this perm our tight

you can sign in your name and get confi

while I think in the way and get ..

all up in the head with no ..

I remember that lunch with that white ..

matter of .. cook me with a..

I said back and I like to hear it

but I ..I'm smart as f*cking

your ass is flat and I might prayer

now to booty I felt the booty

but it was off I melt the booty

this much with your home girl

young rich niggas wild ..

so kiss her while she tongue me

it's all looking like a spot to em

and this is how we supposed to be as well

I think ..


know what it is ..swag

call em sir Mike

2 x

itchie bitchie gotta go

say she catch a line of dough

from working every night

Monday Tuesday Thursday night

I prefer one certain type

I stay as firm I turn this type

I let it go

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Sunday 24th of June 2012 15:21
You guys are both totally right, in so many spots. Not even gonna try to revise. but not good bro
Tuesday 24th of April 2012 20:07
Wrong lyrics at some point
Sunday 22nd of April 2012 22:10
This shit is so wrong. I'm mad.