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Sir Michael Rocks - Perfect lyrics

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I think I'm perfect

Bitches perfect

I'm perfect

It's all perfect

My food is perfect

My view is perfect

I'm perfect

And u are perfect


My purpose, perfect, workin', lurkin'

First one to have a family plan all to himself

Mercy, don't hurt me, thirsty, person

Birth stones, earth stones, six phones

Ya wrong!

That's on me, that's my bad, that's my bad

Ya the old tho', grab my hat

I'm the stone cold, hammer head

That's on me!

Ya be lyin' all in the streets

Ya be sayin' ya don't eat meat

But I saw yo Mickey D's

Trick or treat, wit a knife

I'm as fast as Meta Knight

Peek a boo, my diamonds Pikachu

That's my bad, that's my bad

That's my cousin Ricky, that's my dad

We be in the Uber wit the strap

And my power levels at a max


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