Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks - Lost Boys (Original Version) lyrics

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Ft. Trinidad James & Mac Miller


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If I, if I, dream

(Pre-Hook x2: Trinidad James)

I said if I was a cop, man, I’d probably be a crooked one

And when I was a young'n always did shit that I shouldn’t have done

Like runnin' in these streets, runnin' in these freaks

Momma always told me I was born to be a G

(Hook: Trinidad James)

Lost boys out in this lonely world

Lost boys out in this lonely world

All we know is drugs and girls

All we know is drugs and girls

(Verse: Trinidad James)

This ain't no cowboy shit, man, this that Alpo shit, fam

An ATL nigga that neva fell for shit, man

I always had to grind, story of my life

Scrubbin' for the shot, I think I lived my life twice

It’s Casanova smooth, James classic, bitches with me

Niggas straight up out the blue flame

Hot bitches, Liu Kang

New to the port, nigga, call me butane

I’m so damn Hussein

Niggas get to ask me a motherfucking question

A motherfucking question

I went from having nothing to my niggas copping sections

To rocking six gold rings

Then I had to go cop six more grains

Shit done change, man, my mama is my main thing

Took reality and put it in a mainframe

Put it in the main frame, my mama is my main thing

Took reality and put it in a mainframe bitch

(Pre-Hook x2)


(Verse 2: Mac Miller)

Praise Elijah, welcome yo messiah

Walk inside a room, the bitches offer up vagina

I’m eatin' Jambalaya off a thousand dollar China

Find a hoe’s not a ho and strippers, but they ride the pole

Mister Muddy sipper, that mixture is an elixir

A list of A-list celebrities sendin' me naked pictures

The higher I get the more money I make

I had a threesome with that ho, now she fuckin' with Drake

Damn, bitches sniffin' xannies, yeah, they takin' them bars

Lucky she got a father who can pay for her car

I’m faded, but don’t worry, been this way from the start

Just shot a video, killed another radio star

Don’t make the mistake of thinkin' I wasn’t livin' fast

(Sample) That’s Little Richard cash

It’s Baghdad in the booth, yeah, I’m bombin' it

Rocks, James, and Miller that’s the conglomerate

(Pre-Hook x2)


(Verse 3: Sir Michael Rocks)

I don’t slack, I don’t simp

I don’t sleep, I don’t slump, I don’t lack, I don’t loaf, nigga

I don’t brag, I don’t boast

I don’t pull out the Cris if we ain’t poppin' that toast, nigga

She had dreams she was fuckin' with a phone boy

It cost seven iPhones for the clothes, boy

I went from the toy store into Tolstoys

Bitch it’s Banco, dick fat like cankles, huh

Runnin' thru' the check, bro, check 1, check 2, check 3

A nigga wanna check me his ass better check again

Hustle, tryin' to touch a Benz, deuces of the activist, sprite mud wrestlin'

And I’m on the border with the Mexican

I’m about to cop the Aston if he let’s them in

That’s my gwala, that’s my partner, we the best of friends

Nigga ya know the code, ya will neva get a text again

Goofy, face ass, jacuzzi with yo main splash

Polo motorcycle with the Gucci on the break pads

Chopping, pussy, possum betta play dead

Learn the game from the old heads (back up)

(Pre-Hook x2)


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