Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks - GED ft Tris J lyrics

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[Verse 1: Tris J]

On a long ass roll like an eight foot bike

Mike rollin' up a plane trynna make that flight

The skinny nigga of the year celebrate that twice

Give me the whole damn cake, I don't want no slice

I got these hoes stickin' to me like white on rice

Had a blind bitch say she seen me last night

The Tris man on point like two red dice

Say I can't hit 10, told em bet they life

I break em off, take it all must be my night

Heavy heavy nigga there, left that bitch light

Said I've been gone all day and she done called like twice

Want me to own that pussy, thinkin' I just might

They say why your bitch so bad and that ass so nice?

Cause I sound damn good and my flow too tight

Who lie

Fuck more than one niggas wife

And fucked up more than one niggas life

[Hook: Sir Michael Rocks] x2

This a free GED

Gettin' Every Dollar bro

Its a go its a go

Everybody wanna know

Where the cheese, where the ski

Cause you know its gotta snow

Yeah ho

Bad hoes know where the bands go

[Verse 2: Sir Michael Rocks]

I woke up from a dream of me and the team

Touchin' cream like a scene from a drug movie

Was playin' clean till I seen you need a machine

I swear to watch the money move is like drugs to me

Poppin' up in that Porsche ho, thick bitch no torso

Just cakey, that pastry, that ooshie gooshie, I can't see my hands

Just me and my mans

In the strip club throwin' money call it battle of the bands

And I'm throwin' up a prayer I'll be happy when it lands

And a relationship for two, not sure exactly where I stand

I'm in love with the mozzie, but attracted to the lamb

Both hands on the wheel while I'm backin' out the jam

You wish you had the drugs we on

A real nigga in the flesh bitch, blood and bones

We goin' in, goin' hard, when we goin' its on

Take it down a notch, lower your tone

When your talkin' bout us

[Hook] x2

This a free GED

Gettin' Every Dollar bro

Its a go its a go

Everybody wanna know

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