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Sir Michael Rocks - Chill feat Like lyrics

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She told me she don’t like the way your breath smell

Bluetooth and the club and the next tell

Tattoes in your neck is your ex spell

…you would ex-L honey

You told her that her sex well

Fine this is school you’ll be ex spell Monday

Some day maybe you’ll get a clear view

She just wanna dance she don’t wanna hear you

On that’s dope and ..cups was a nice touch

You gonna to the award show what the ..touch

Are you hide up, you hide up now for who I..

Bitche son true now

You was subsitute..back round, back up ..but drew hair

Man that’s cool I’ll be right back so stay right here

And keep on tracking got that

2 x Chorus:

Cowboy chill don’t be so ruff

You can holla at the girl till she go daff

Boy you ain’t seen nothing here

Don’t hold your breath

Spotter with here friends you aint’ tryin to ..

So you buy a..she already know you’ll be liine the hoes

Plus you ain’t fresh you ain’t..the clothes

But you work boots on will you buy for ..

She’s tryin get shows but the stand it’s too high

And you hide in the lows

She got a ..out tryin to depoe

She shot town tryin to get rowe

You ain’t see em how she get em a sleep

..had in the back but he’s losin his grip

Took a hand upon her..and she took it and put it back

Yeah you got the iPhone but you scream crack

Who gave you that, the bay is jet

And your hair is looking like a rainbow

You know the whole game watching the game

May be wonder wy we don’t kicking with the same hoe

[2 x Chorus:]

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