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Sir Michael Rocks - Checkin' feat Shorty K lyrics

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And we just checkin in the party

For the same bitches checkin for us

And when the Cris done poppin

We gonna try to fit them all in the truck

And if you checkin for the party

With the same bitches checkin for us

When the Cris done poppin, nigga

You gonna be shit out of luck

So mama fine, hit me with the grind

She the kind that you would be buying everything for

She always had a man, never ever single

But now she by herself with her friends

And they dancing, the chances of a nigga

Running up on us

Is less likely than Spike Lee catching the bus

? there's nothing left to discuss

And if that bitch don't fit, then I bet she'll adjust

Soon as you see a live nigga

We getting drunk and bustin down

Porsche ? throw up signs and all the pictures

Cause the TPC: toothpick click president

Official you wanna sign up, I can enlist you

It's the ? buckets full of ice, nigga

Full of Cris, full of kush for the night

You gonna be mine baby and love crazy when you think about it

But where would you be without it?

A hundred thousand, still god it!

I got that bad, nigga


Running bitches, no shoes

These hoes choose, the new bitch is old news

I'm Keith Sweat, I'm swaggin on Keith Sweat

She wet, and her girlfriend, she next

I don't like her, a tat like an old biker

I won't wife her, ruff ride her like a motorcycle

I one-night her, I beat her but I'm no fighter

I ghost ride her, she's Tina and I'm gon Ike her

Bust down, you see me ho?

They all on me, I need a PPO


Throwing up the Ace in the 44

All gone, C-3PO, life saved, Star Ward


All you bum ass niggas get you some cardboard


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