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Sir Michael Rocks - Bring It Back lyrics

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Ooh shit, haha, Michael, Michael, yeah,

now Imma hit em with a little bit of truth bitch,

skinny nigga tooth pick,

word around the city is he really on his coupe shit

but really I’m a truck guy X6 X5

4.6 Range Rover is the best kind.

If you bring six bitches, I bet you I can fuck five,

cuz you capable of anything if you just try.

She just butt just thighs, smaller on the chest side,

but I’m an ass man so really she was just fine.

It’s about to be a hot summer comin up nigga,

don’t ask where the weed at if I don’t fuck with ya.

SL 600 Benz yeah convertible, now watch the top go in the shell like a turtle do.

Bodey from the Curtis Curbs, Seven Mile, know the crew.

Comin out of Mass, Harvey Roll what’s happening?

My nigga frank bossin up, came to the crib with a big ass cat in a cage it was an Oscillot.

So I had to ask him if that mother fucka cost a lot?

He said he had the connect down in Panama.

They run about 12 g’s, 12 grand and up.

Motha fucka like 3 feet when it’s standin up.

You run into the pussy, pussy acts funny,

… Chloe and Lamar nigga that’s ugly,

Kimmy got them booty shots up in that donkey.

And my pockets like that ass nigga that’s chunky.

I’m in… old school…. like the one…

You ain’t scary, nigger... hide behind your bodyguard type!

I wish I was joking, but these niggers…

No action, I could squeeze into a napkin and sound better!

… Hey yo, Rico is got a pocket like singles at the strip club,

We step into that bitch, we mingle when we get lost.

So bring them in pairs, I drink ‘em like a water bottle,

Packets on the Johnny Bravo, white girls…

..comes bottomless, it just keeps running over,

Premiere politics, ..the couple found its kids …

Seen my my flow so I …

He started shimmer, one started to roll up,

One started the diner, one was planning to fight …

Listen this ain’t for beginners, you’re a … pick and choose,

I could paint you a picture how to play the games,

But it’s different rules!

Eat sleep, piss, and drool, that’s what some niggers do!

Is that you?

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