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Sir Michael Rocks - BatPhone (Remix) lyrics

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(feat. Smoke DZA)

Lay down the windows and I'm on one

I seen symbols on the wall when I’m sitting in my own home,

Been a time , upper echelon, man if life was a bicycle

I'd say that I'm trying to get my paddle on!

I pay my dues, say my prayers here and there,

stay aware of my surroundings when I’m out on the town.

They just crave power try to tell them how to be down, but yo

You know how that go!

Some niggers hooked on tobacco,

While other niggers can’t let the cat go!

I go insane cause with pain you can gain!

that mary jane stay flame like we slang propane that fame shit is the same shit that they slang cobaine

Been in a different mindframe since I changed my name

It's Sir Michael of the Rocks, man!

French chicks wait on my arrival, the fresh prince fries on the eiffel (?)

Got an appointment that I can’t be late for


It's like one for the money,

Running out the back door, keys in my pocket,

Hit me on the batphone! Hello! I'm gone

Hello! Time to hit me on the batphone!

Hello! I'm gone?

I don’t think they hear you!

Time for my homies *from the land who*,

*We* don’t talk much *lately* but *damn dude* memories *escape* me!

Never was I *flakey* might have been a *little late*

Maybe like five extra minutes, but *damn yo* how long did it take me?

Soon as you *hit* my phone *up*,

*sayin you got jumped* *by them* clowns *playin hoops*

Put *them lumps* on your crown,

He was down so we scooped you,

*... out the box* but it just looked goofy!

This homie is a real poof and that’s ..

We put nuts on this dude, like twice for you,

He was the reason that we used to get in fights at school

But I wouldn’t change it, switch …

It’s a long walk for you…


That’s why I run for the money,

Running at the back door, keys on my pocket,

Hear me on the bathphone! Hello! You’re gone?

Hello! Time to hear me on the bathphone!

Hello! You’re gone?

I don’t think they hear you!

Extra roll niggers in the class…

They all tell you…

I’ve been fucking with this bath tub tough, …

I’m a product and I’m not…

Going for the …

Aha! And I put that on my hood,…

..everything is real nigger, ain’t no made up shit!

You’d be surprised how I’m living it, god!

I realize how … looking at life through my eyes!

Kids got to eat, wifey likes nice…

Thank God I made a…

…they hit me on my bathpohne!

Run for the money…

All loud in the backpack, hit me in the bathphone, hello!

Hello, I’m gone!

Hello, I say hit me on the bathphone!

Hello, I’m gone!

Hello, I say hit me on the bathphone!

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