Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks - 106 & Park's The Backroom lyrics

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I said, I ain’t pay for the pussy

Let it go to collections

It’s the first of the month and you know that I’m checkin

I ain’t fuckin with y’all, did this one for my dogs

Had my foot up is your ass long as I could recall

I got the loafers on, ysl

She just smoking on

If I ain’t sell

Just a nigga that you wanna know

Mami it’s your birthday

Glass of molly water go and sip it if you thirsty

She ain’t take no trips, she don’t take no shit

She gonn do her thang, nigga that’s my bitch

She say she gonn strip, so girl show what you gonn do

If you wanna get it on, call me on my phone

Just call me on my phone

I’m mickey, I, I rock

She saying that she loving me right off the top

Uh this my girl, uh, this my chick

And she always with her girls if you catch my drift

And I play to get it, they got me fucked up

And every time I’m in the club, you know I plus some

And I treading out, I been defeating goals

I’m eating peter bread, with some veagan hoes

Hot hands with the dice baby, bring me those

Wave game, click and pain, ring around the rose

Lego, 6.

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