Sinner - Walk On The Dark Side

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[Sinner, Beyrodt]

You will fall

Eye to eye see the cross in the church and it hurts you

A child found dead, raped and abused

I will hear the words of a priest about god's will

But I'll never understand the reason for

The clock stop ticking

The memory unchanged

[Chorus 1:]

The hell waits

A look at the electric chair

Destiny, the edge of disaster

Here and now, let him go forever now

He will fall, a walk on the dark side

Death calls

Another father will shock the nation

His lawyer's words are turning into dust

The sunrise's so black and the mind is confused

His moves are driven by a loathing lust

[Chorus 2:]

The look of a mother

The rage of his brother

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2 & 1]

The hell waits

He will fall

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