Sinner - Open Arms lyrics

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I'm cruisin' til midnight

I'm runnin' through the loneliness my way

Nobody's here by my side

When I need 'em ... on these cold days

Since you left me...

There are sorrows in me

Oh I can't forget you

Remembering that love...

I'm dancing with tears in my eyes

Searchin' for a promise

I believe in paradise and search for a way

I feel desire ... and I love you

Got no illusions

You know what I mean


Open arms are waiting just to hold you

Open arms are ready - for your touch

Open arms are waiting and they need you

Wanna squeeze you in my - open arms

I smell your perfume

If you ain't here at all it is a mystery

My mind is in trouble

You won't believe it's insanity

I'm crusin' from midnight until daylight

I run through the streets

Rain turns to tears


Open arms <i>[2]

Yeah yeah yeah

Open arms

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