Sinner - Hypnotized

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[Sinner, Schleifer]

I have your postcard and some magazine

There's no hope, just a tear

Oh your magic, is desire burning in my heart

I need someone who is there for me

And the feelin' comes again when I touch you

Ooh I can't sleep at night

[Chorus 1:]

Nowhere to run

Still standin' in the rain - Standin' in the rain

No place to hide

It's still the shadow play

[Chorus 2:]

Nowhere to run

I'm hypnotized

I'm on fire

You got the key to my heart

Nowhere to run

I'm hypnotized

I'm out on the streets...

And I wish that you were here

Walkin' down the boulevard

I get the feelin' that you can't be far

And I wonder ... if there's too much fancination

It's hard enough in the danger streets

Forget the trouble if you won't believe

I've got my pride ... and I just stay alive

[Chorus 1 & 2]

[Solo: Mathias / Angel]

[Chorus 1 & 2]

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