SILVERSTEIN - Toronto (Unabridged) lyrics

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You know I have to go

Back to the place I hate the most

Long ago they use to help me grow

Always kept me feelin’ safe

From cost to cost

What a gate ignitin’, go set my place

I won’t be back to see how this snow covers leafs

I count it down the hours until I found the shortcut home to you

But I’m just passin’ throw

They lead the guest

A stranger in my own home


I’m back in Toronto but still ‘til tomorrow

That’s when the bleedin’ stops again

Put up all feelings, forget all the meanings

Just let the side go throw my head is spinnin’ again this endin’

It’s in this on ‘til we realize that we’re back in Toronto once again


You get that scream until you meet your defend

Close that door behind me, where you stood for weeks?

I spend all night pretendin’ I was alright

I justify that I planed but I know deep inside

I can’t stand

Temptation by your head



Back home, glitter me, cut it throw the park

I seek

Everythin’ has changed except for me

There’s a place called home

But I’ve never been so scared

To face the cold breath air and turn familiar

There’s a place called home

But bring _____(?) everything I’ve ask

I planed and see

End it’s take me back to the time when I had was a cloud throw my head wheat on my feet

There’s a place called home

But it’s not where I will stay

It’s all simple, I know I’ll never move away

But I know the city will always feel strange

The city is a stranger to me

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