SILVERSTEIN - In The Dark lyrics

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Tunnel your way in

I spit you out

I can hold it in, it's a godsent

Hard like an hourglass on its end

Doesn't matter if the love ever comes back

Doesn't matter if the sun ever comes back up


In the dark, in the dark

When I close my eyes I see you somehow

I've never felt so alone and it brings me down

In the dark, in the dark!

Well, I've left this town and nothing matter now

Never felt more alone, God, it brings me down!

(verse 2)

Don't try to fight it!

Smiling like a fool, I should not fain

Lungs pushing air like a hurricane

Can I think for the whole train ride back?

Can I make it till the stars start turning black?



A few head first in the union plow!

Never fathomed how you turned out so cruel

Avoided every trap, never went inside

But they put out whatever you do straight

Collide! If I melt away nigh

This is the every place I get(?!)

And if I melt away nigh

Under a side of ____(?) again

And every way we cross these bridges

Our puppy routes deter me

I know it's temporary

Never going back to hurt me!


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