SILVERSTEIN - Heaven, Hell and Purgatory lyrics

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You never know where I stand

Which level wipe and run?

This is the year, it ties with me(?!)

The show will go on!

I always find my way back

Wrecked to claim it in between

My reputation think nay!

I still remember life inside

With all my review, but soon I will plan

My escape to outside


I know everything I've done has led me here

But I'm not scared to go

Without everything I own

And I flame up

(Verse 2)

Like a stake with the Enders

Dishonoring the skies

But were right on faces

The smells collide

Remains stupid sign

So if we die young

Before we are through

Dead we really believe



As I pondered in silence

Merciless in the Georgian heap

I realized nothing will ever be the same

And at that moment, I knew I could never

Applicate the feelings

Without destroying something I loved

Waste them!

Success moderation!

Throw down!

We're trying to speak

The words don't come clearly

The world is filling up

The spirit's peeling of their gods

Open the doors and show us

The way out!


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